We Wanna Win Denver, Exclusively for Ex-book Kids

VIP registration is now open. Regular registration starts November 1st.

This might be for you…

If you don’t miss selling books but DO miss being around awesome, motivated, and smart people that are just like you

 If you have reached a certain level of success and need to fill your own cup up instead of filling up others’ all the time

✔ If you could use eyes and ears of people you respect and trust, who are outside of your normal circle, to give you feedback on your life and business

✔ If you could use two days to stop the busyness and get your thoughts out on paper and in conversation with others who want you to win

✔ If you are a former “bookslinger” looking for a different and impactful way to learn and develop.  This is not a “Back to Basics” mastermind…this is Moving Forward and Leveling Up.

 Join us live and in-person on February 20-21st in Denver, CO.

You Are Becoming Today Who You Someday Will Be. It’s Someday.
Take some Time For A Gut Check, Business Check, and Life Check.

Here is what We Wanna Win attendees had to say about their experience:

“We Wanna Win was such an valuable experience that every bookkid should take part in.  It allowed me to take the blinders off and really assess where my business and I actually are.  The feedback and brainstorming will create an even better version of myself.”

“It was great being in a room with several like-minded individuals and talk about the good, bad, and ugly of our businesses.  The collective compassion and help everyone offered was tremendous.”

“We’re all busy.  However, taking time to step away from the whirlwind of my business for 2 days and focus on ways to improve with the help of other successful, like-minded people was just what I needed.”

“This class was worth the time and money I invested.  This gave me a unique opportunity to think about what I’m doing which will translate to better results personally and professionally.”

“We Wanna Win was so impactful.  I love how personalized the conversations were and how we were able to get to know others!”

Why You Need This Mastermind and Why Now Is The Best Time To Join:


You need to get your head clear, and your plans on paper.  Busy, successful people don’t always take the time to do this. Allocate time to get a focused plan together

Power of the room. Surround yourself with people that challenge you in healthy ways. It’s not as much about motivation, it’s more about accountability, community, connection, and clarity will get you excited to not only finish the quarter and year strong, but give you inspiration on taking back ownership in your business and life. Think about the time you could save by having a sounding board of people who get you, want you to win, and are committed to finding solutions that will lead to growth?

New ideas. You do the best you can with what you have. People are bringing their superpowers to help with your blocks. You have things to say and share that can help someone else. Gather different viewpoints to level up technically, mentally, and effectively

Experts. We have ex-book people with crazy success and expertise that can make an immediate impact on your perspectives and performance. 

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